This is Bull ! Dawg!

All 4 dogs

All 4 dogs


Me at 12 years old w/Socco

Me at 12 years old w/Socco

Madi and Socco

Madi and Socco

Hmmmm! Where to start with this one. Well first I’m going to scrape around for some credibility. All my pets have been dogs. My first puppy I got when I was 10 years old and he lived until he was 15. This dog’s name was Socco. He slept on my pillow with me from 10 years old until high school and then started sleeping next to the bed. During high school I witnessed 2 Dobermans run into a street and one of them got hit by a car at 40mph. I drove one of them to the VET and my mom came down and drove the other. MY mom and I FOUGHT the city to allow us to adopt them but had a very difficult time. After a few days, on the day they were to be euthanized, the city finally let my mom sign a release and we were allowed to adopt them These were very obviously abused animals as they shook feverishly when near human contact. After a year of much love and handling they became comfortable and were 2 of the best dogs we could wish for. When my wife and I decided to move in together we got another puppy that looked like Socco and named her MADI. Madi moved with us and the 2 Dobermans (Girl and Baby) and Socco stayed with my parents. As with everything in life Socco aged to the point to where he could not stand and the Dobermans both got Wobblers disease all within 18 months. Making these decisions are some of life’s toughest. Madi had a seizure at the age of 17 and afterward had vertigo and was diagnosed with Old Age Dogs Disease (also known under other names). She was often disoriented and confused and after 1 year of fighting she lost her ability to stand, see, hold her bowels, and other things. This was by far the hardest decision EVER it was the difference between her pain and ours.

On other notes: One of my goals in life is to be part of a Horse and Dog rescue and relocate Organization. I want to be able to participate and add value at a high level so I know where the money and effort is going.

As of now I split my charitable funds between 2 organizations and one of them deals with animals (My charitable funds are not very large) but I do what I can.

Now that is a lot of reading to get to the point. The point is episode 2 of the 3rd season. WE are under heavy scrutiny by the bulldog community. The only thing that I can accomplish by writing this is to upset the community more because in their minds there is no justification. So this isn’t for the bulldog community it’s for those of you with an open mind and may be wondering about the context of the controversy. WE are being called out for bartering a bulldog. Apparently bulldogs need such special care that we are not capable of supplying it and we could never love the dog enough while in our care for it to be considered taken care of. AND the fact that we would actually barter it is an outrage. Personally I think the bigger issue is the people that breed them all over the country and sit in parking lots with them in a cardboard box and sell them to anyone with $1000 or more. Some breeders make more money doing this than your average person working 9-5 all year. In our care this bulldog had a full time care attendant that we paid to sit with and care for all day . Full air conditioning and water which is more than we get. WE took this dog out of what at best would be considered a questionable home and found an amazing home and person to love it. The biggest problem I have with this whole thing is that because the word “barter” is used all of a sudden it is a dirty and unbelievable act that we did. While others breed them in less than ideal conditions and sell them at large profits to “anyone” who will buy them and often times those people take the dogs and re-sell them to “anyone” who will buy them. We are the ones who have done the dirtiest of deeds. Taking a dog out of a questionable place and relocating  him to ideal place all under the roof of a “barter” it is now conceived as dirty.

Well there’s a lot more to say but I feel that any open mind should already see what has happened. And keep in mind:

We DON’T kill birds

We DON’T kill alligators

We DON’T kill ducks

We DON’T kill deer

We DON’T kill fish

We DON’T use drugs on or off the show

We DON’T exploit women or men

We DON’T hurt anyone or anything

We aren’t bad role models

Everything we do is centered around our families and doing right not wrong.

What we did do was trade a dog a bad home for a good home and I’ll be damned if that’s a bad thing.

It seems the biggest concern is the bulldog community thinks that the bulldog is more special than any other animal and they will be forever in hate with us because of this trade. I have news: all animals are equally special and should be treated and loved the same. I am one of the biggest animal advocates on the planet and if I can find any animal a better home under the name of a “barter” or “charity” or any other cause I’d like to do it in peace. TV is has an amazing power that tilts peoples mind because the corporate conglomerates make money off these shows and when something personal becomes involved the rage seeps in and clear thinking goes out the window and then the masses start to gather and talk and react without any real facts — That’s part of what’s wrong with America.  We did not jeopardize this dog in any way shape or form and gave it the love it needed.

I promise everyone that cares,  that THE BEST outcome was accomplished for this dog. There’s no other twist on this —

Life is short — think clearly.!!!



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Well this might seem like I’m laying on thick, but it’s the real deal.
We are asked a lot what we think about being on TV or what is our favorite part of the whole experience. First, I’ll give a little of the bad so it’s easier to understand why we feel the way we do.
When the first few episodes aired we were really excited and ready for anything and wanted to read and know everything that was going on with the show. That came to a screeching halt. The first 3 minutes I spent reading blogs and the likes I almost blew a vein in my head. I swore from that point on that I would never read another thing about the show or go on social media and maybe quit the show. There were and are people saying a lot of stuff about us that don’t even know us and trashing us when they don’t know a thing about the type of people we are. How could this be? Well as naïve as I was, I was even worse when it came to dealing with it. Hmmmm! Why would I care so much and how do I stop it. Well the reality of it is I just had to grow up and understand that’s just the way the world is. LOL!
Here’s the truth about what got me through it. TWITTER !!
Yes. Of all things TWITTER. 98% of our twitter followers are super positive and really supportive. I didn’t quite understand this either. After all, up until 39 years old I worked all day every day and the only
people that cared about me was family and close friends. Now it seemed
I had an extended family that did nothing but help and support me. Why?
Well I still don’t quite know the answer to that but I can tell you it is a really unbelievable feeling and quite surreal. I feel like I have true friends that want to help that I’ve never met. Naïve maybe, but quite possible for sure.
The other thing is the fans out in public. I hear people talk about a lot of shows and know what people say. When we meet people it seems the
recurring thought is that families get together and watch the show. Especially dads and their kids. When a dad or mom tells you that their bonding time for the week is sitting down to watch Barter Kings, I would say that is all the proof I need to ignore the negative and it is the “biggest” compliment one could give us. I will end on that because it is incredible to hear that.!!!

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